Thursday, August 21, 2008

The No Rush-iest thing I saw today!

I love checking out garage sales, especially on a whim as I drive around town. I am a sucker for signage like: "MOVING SALE!" or "Multi-Family Sale!" and the best is "Estate Sale!". I will follow those signs around and see what kind of treasures they lead me towards.

I saw a sign in my neighborhood the other day that was not nearly as enticing:

Isn't a perpetual sale actually a STORE?

On another note, the Great Minnesota Get Together starts today! Yes, the Minnesota State Fair is now open for business. I love the fair and I hope to find lots of fodder for drawing when I go on Sunday.

If you love the fair too, or if you need to be educated about the MN State Fair, I recommend the blog My Pronto Pup. The mere fact that someone has a year round blog dedicated to the Fair should be a big clue as to how much people here love the Fair. The author is one of MANY people who go every day of the fair (August 21-Labor Day).

Also, I saw this crazy article in the Strib today about a family from NW MN who walked 400 miles to the fair with an ox cart. What?!?!? I am not sure if the pronto pups and cheese curds are THAT good!


sarah said...

these people are my kind of people!

Mimi aka pz5wjj said...

Oh that's funny... because really isn't everything perpertually "for" sale?

And yes, that is a cameo on my dress.... I got my dress off the rack at April Cornell... not even a wedding dress! Sh! And the cameo cost more than the dress! It's beautiful! I love it.

I went to college in Holland, MI (my dad grew up there) and my uncle used to fly planes for Kelloggs

Mnmom said...

Ah the Fair - everything under heaven on a stick and covered with cheese.

XUP said...

Gotta love the yard sales and moving sales and especially estate sales. And flea markets and county fairs.