Thursday, September 4, 2008

The nosy-est thing I saw today

When I was at the protests on Monday, I was humored by the three lines of participants; like a layered cake they spanned the street:

The 3 P's:

The Press filled the space between the riot police and the protesters. They spent most of the time watching the police. In this shot the press are running to catch up with the deviating anarchist group.

I also noted that all of the 3 P's had camera and video equipment. All three layers were documenting the happenings, all for varying reasons, I think.


Todd Wardrope said...

Yo! No drawing of me? Personally I got pretty bored of chasing everybody around.

Missy said...

I think the guy in the green shirt kind of looks like you...with no glasses or facial hair or er, other characteristics of you!

XUP said...

Everything we do or say is documented in a million different ways now. The joy of finding a long lost faded photo of an ancestor will never be known to future generations

Missy said...

Very true, nor will they know the thrill of accidentally developing an old roll of film once you finally get to the photo developing place!

amy said...

i bet you are the only one who drew pictures...ol skool style

Mnmom said...

How absurd! Life in modern times.

vikki said...

We were there too!