Monday, January 12, 2009

The Steamiest thing I saw today!

It is super snowy outside! Whee!

I just took a half outside/half inside route to run an errand, and upon reaching my office building, this is a peek of what I saw:

A heated sidewalk getting things done- sizzling up those snowflakes!

Everything else was newly white and powdery. I felt a little sad for that slab of concrete, though I enjoyed the contrast.


Anonymous said...

What an excellent idea. All our sidewalks and streets should be heated. No more snow plowing! But we couldn't stand still too long on the sidewalks or our boots would melt.

Mnmom said...

Something was actually steaming today??!?!! Everywhere I looked it was frozen snow on top of an inch of clear ice.

Mnmom said...

Are you going to sketch Aretha's hat??

Missy said...

I should! I actually drew a whole bunch over the weekend, I have to scan them in though- I drew by hand.