Monday, November 2, 2009

The Starstruckiest thing I saw today!

If you live in Minneapolis Ward Nine like myself, you might have gotten the awesome mailer below over the weekend. As much as I have a problem with the waste involved with everyday junk mail and this kind of campaign mailer, I got great joy from this one:
"OMGAWD! GARY SHIFF!!!!! I am not going to wash my hands for a month!
You are my FAVORITE city council member! Just don't tell Cam Gordon!" *

Now there is no doubt in my mind that Congressman Keith Ellison supports City Council Member Gary Schiff! What a relief!

And I am so glad that they are so glad to know each other. It is nice to see that a Congressman can have such respect and excitement about a city level legislator.

City Council Member Schiff looks so calm and cool with the attention and admiration too. I like that! I mean, having a dreamy Mayor who is always performing for the voters is enough.

His power is in his eyes, this shot weaken him.


OMG! I have the same shirt!

The All Power Rybak

Remember to vote tomorrow!

*Note that the Honorable Congressman Ellison has neither confirmed or denied this statement.


Anonymous said...

Your mayor looks like a TV mayor - who, as we all know, is just a puppet and pawn to nefarious mobster types who want to take over the entire city. Who won?

Missy said...

Ha! Good point! Mayor "McDreamy" Rybak won a third term. I think the city council has more power than the mayor in Minneapolis, but I might have that confused with Saint Paul. City Councilman Gary Schiff won his seat again. Congressman Ellison continues his works as our Representative.

A nice bunch of Liberals.

Conservatives do not even run for city office in Minneapolis most of the time.

Missy said...

Oh! And voters denied an amendment that would have disbanded a Board of Estimation and Taxation- a board that brings the city's Park Board and City Council together with some citizens to talk taxes. The people did not want the power to sit solely with the city council.