Wednesday, November 14, 2007

The Sharp Dressed Man-iest thing I saw today

I ride the bus to work and I mostly take express buses full of people going to and from work or school at the University where I work. People are usually dressed pretty casual, as opposed to looking "corporate". I suppose the "corporate looking" people don't take the bus to campus.

However, there is one guy who has the corporate spirit!

He carries a briefcase and flies off the bus into a hurried walk down the street AWAY from campus. He walks like he is very important and cannot be slowed for anything. I have wondered (and have heard fellow passengers wonder to each other) "Where is that guy going? Why is always rushing?".

He even has an "important guy" build- broad shoulders, tiny waist, slight tan, sharp haircut, the "important looking" glasses.

Of course he always dresses for success...or tries to anyway.

He has multiple ill-fitting solid colored suits made of synthetic fibers, which apparently come with matching ties. He has lots of synthetic fiber colored shirts too, so he can mix things up.

I have also wondered (and have heard fellow passengers wonder to each other), "Where does he buy those awful suits?".


B said...

wow. i'm imagining the sheen now. very scary!

he sounds like he should go back to the early 90s.

sarah george said...

wait?! is this the guy that carries the metalic briefcase? that man is a mystery to me. he rides the 6 bus and lives in my neighborhood. he has bright suits (gold! cobalt blue! matching shoes...) and rushes around. he sits on the bus bench and since he's on the short side, he swings his legs and it always makes me smile. also, it should be noted that this man is incredibly polite, which, along with color, makes the world a better place.

Missy said...

You know- I think you are right- that it is a METAL briefcase!

Oh man, how could I miss that fine detail.

I bet we are thinking of the same guy. What a guy.

I love how he dresses to the nines...but I have no idea where he goes that you would have to dress like that in the Stadium Villiage!


He sounds like he has colourful corporate synthetic fibre guy syndrome (CCSFGS), so he's probably rushing off to his therapist each morning. OR, he could be a techie. All the silver cases I've ever seen have been carried by techies and they're always in a hurry because they don't like talking to people. Why don't you strike up a conversation with him one day and ask??

Mimi aka pz5wjj said...

AAAAA! I need my sunglasses!

Blogagaard said...

the last time I wore a suit: at your wedding.

the next time: your funeral.

Bl@ck Coffee said...

haha I think I've seen that guy before.

B said...

ahhhhh! where are you witty posts? i miss them.

i heard you guys are getting pooped on by the snow fairy.

Melinda June said...

Perhaps you have discovered a real-life Superman, not yet accustomed to the dress-code of Earth.