Sunday, April 20, 2008

The MeMe-est thing I did today....

I was tagged by the sassy MNMOM, who was tagged by another enjoyable blog friend Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein, with this little frequently visited websites MEME.

I decided, "What the heck! I could do this or fold some laundry.....but this helps promote lovely things so it should happen first."

My frequented blogs are on the right, of course I encourage you to check them out, but here are 5 non-blog places I visit pretty much all the time.

So, I am addicted to this site and you can hear me put that on record somewhere else on the internets. (See me in all my grace at 4:51min into the vid) Some of my friends blame me for getting them addicted too, does that make me an etsy dealer?

I love what people make and I wish I could buy more. Instead I just scroll through and wish for things and also pass products on to my friends when I think they might like something.

Here are some things I have bought lately:
Skateboard necklace
Diamond Earings
Naughty Golden Retriever Puppet for my friend Nancy
Blankie Cape for a new baby in the family
Apron for the new big sister

This is where I go to download some indie rock n roll and other elements of the musical canon. It is $9.99 a month for 30 downloads. If you are interested I can "invite" you and you get a whole bunch free.

Anyway, I love music and the whole idea of independent labels so this is a cheap way for my to feed my rock and roll lifestyle and still have money for tickets to shows and things on etsy....

Albums I have downloaded lately:
The Mountain Goats
The New Pornographers
Bon Iver
Jeff Hanson
John Phillip Sousa's Greatest Hits
(The March KING!!! With The Minnesota March! I love marching bands, ok?! Here is me in marching band:

That's a huge white feather plume on top of a round helmet- HOT!)

3. Red Hot Pawn
My husband taught me how to play chess on our honeymoon last May. I am still learning...I have won 3 games total! I mainly play with a friend I met randomly on the site who lives in California. We became friends because somehow we came to a draw and I accidentally called him "honey" because I got his game confused with one I was playing with my husband.

Believe it or not, I have been "hit on" and talked to very inappropriately by people on the chess site! Now I only accept games from people I know. Let me know if you want to play chess. Inappropriate propositions can be left in this blog.

4. Scrabulous
I play when I can. There are some scrabble champs on there who are too cool to play a casual player like me.

5. Goodreads
Here I log the books I read and have read and want to read in the future. I also like seeing what my friends are reading and try to rally up new people for the book club I am in.

If you are on goodreads, let me know and I will check out your shelf!

(See, now that could be taken the wrong way, but I mean it in all literary good ways.)

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B said...

I'm a sad Etsy addicted window shopper too! There are such awesome things on there...sadly, my tastes range in the high cost margin :/ but one can dream!!! wonderful hand made dreams!