Monday, April 21, 2008

The Twiggiest Thing I Saw Today!

Today the Minneapolis Parks and Recreation Board Department of Forestry brought us a new tree for our boulevard!

It is a "Greenspire" Linden.

The old one caught some tree disease and was removed about a year ago. Great turn around City of Minneapolis!

It is pouring rain right now, I hope that helps it grow strong roots here!

I hope it likes the neighborhood. I hope it does not get spooked by the upcoming May Day Festival.


Mnmom said...

Go out and talk to it, welcome it to the neighborhood. Lindens are quite pretty.

Missy said...

I could give it a big hug!!

sarah george said...

i love your new tree! also, may day! how fun!

B said...

Let's all go hug it! :)

yay for trees

everybody scream "tay tay in da win"...i guess not everybody saw that movie.

starshrine said...

Happy little tree :) May it grow strong and tall!

Have fun at the May Day parade (if you're going) on Sunday. I wish I were going!

Maybe next year...

B said...

lol i used to love the fishing game too! i so remember doing that at little local fairs and carnivals!

oh, and the middle name is cheSlie, not chelsie lol not the girl's name...but almost. still weird. it's a family name i guess? andi's bro has the same middle name.

Mimi aka pz5wjj said...

Yay for trees!