Thursday, July 31, 2008

The Goal-iest Thing I Accomplished Today!

Around 6 years ago I went to a motivation workshop at work and we had to draw a long term goal for ourselves on a note card. I drew this:It is hard to make out via the scan, but this goal card is the goal to earn a Master's degree. In the bottom right I have drawn myself stressed, but in a good academic sort of way. In the upper right there is a lecturer.

I have had this card posted at my desk ever since, it has followed me through 4 jobs, buying my home, meeting and marrying my partner, and meeting so many wonderful friends.

Today my thesis project was approved! I am DONE. I have met my goal. My work is off to be bound.

I am a Master.

The sick thing I want to draw a new card about me working for a PhD!


I am so thrilled to be done.

I hope that you keep your goals posted somewhere and that you can work towards being done too!


Just Dan said...

Bravo, Missy! Bravo!!

Mnmom said...

Yah!! Bravo!!! Well done!!! Congratulations!!

Anonymous said...

Congrats!! Smarty-pants!!

Anonymous said...

You did it!!! :D

B said...

that's SOOOOOO stinkin' exciting :) yay! good job.

-- i'm actually glad you posted what you did on my blog :) i like knowing why things are what they are. and knowing why they put those blood drops on the paper is awesome.i mean, i hate hearing him cry, but really i knew it was for a good cause, whatever that may be. i still secretly think that it's so the state can have our dna to clone us LOL jk

thanks for being such a good reader and sticking with me through my lull. i'm trying to get back into actually reading my fave blogs (like YOURS!) good luck with the thesis!

sarah said...

yes! yes! horray! this is such a wonderful time. we must celebrate!

starshrine said...

Missy, you're awesome!! and inspiring!

Mimi aka pz5wjj said...

Yeah! Well done!!

That is fantastic!

Woop Woop Woop!!!!