Friday, November 14, 2008

The Forearm-iest things I saw today.

I was wondering if this post does not really fit into my own blog premise, or if it is something that will only entertain me, but I keep thinking about it, so here goes....

Walking out of a building the other day, I thought I saw a young woman who was an amputee. It looked like she did not have the lower half of her right arm

My mind started whirring, "Huh, it is rare to see a young woman missing her arm. I wonder what happened. She is so young. I hope she was not in the war or in a terrible farm accident. Maybe it was a genetic thing. Wow Genetics are amazing, it is a miracle all the things they can do these days to work with genetics.... "

But my quick train (trains?) of thought were stopped when I realized at second glance that she did have two full length arms.

Oh, never mind, mind.

Then I was thinking, "What an interesting optical illusion, I totally did not see evidence of her full arm. Good thing she was not in an accident. Speaking of accidents, I have been meaning to draw a bike on bike accident I saw....."

My thoughts stopped because within 10 feet of the 2 armed woman, I passed by:

This time I made several glance to confirm that this young woman was missing her right forearm and hand.

My mind was blown, so it took another 10 feet before I started speculating about her story.

Did the Universe send the first woman as foreshadowing for the second woman?? Should I be learning some lesson here? Is it just coincidence? Should I try to reach Art Bell?


sarah said...

way too crazy! what are the odds!??

UpperEx National Outreach Coalition said...

We arm amputees are a mysterious bunch...LOL

Sometimes people don't realize that I'm missing my forearm and hand. I go "naked", that is without my prosthesis, most of the time and I think people see that I have part of an arm and just assume that it ends in a hand like everyone else's. Until they do the double, triple, or quadruple take, like you did, I'm sure it must seem like an optical illusion.

I'm the founder of a national nonprofit, UpperEx National Outreach Coalition, that serves people with an upper extremity limb loss or difference. Our web sites are &

On a side note, I'm a consultant to nonprofits around the country. I do strategic planning, leadership development, organizational assessments, and seminars too. My site is

I'm also originally from Minnesota but we got smart and moved to Myrtle Beach, SC!

amy said...

i like your premonition concept, it must be a sign!

xup said...

Forearm foreshadowing -- spooky and ironic. Almost as ironic as the upper extremity limb loss people having an "outreach" program.. I know, I know, I'm a terrible person, but I'm sure they've heard and/or made that joke many times.

Mnmom said...

xup - too funny!
What are the chances?