Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The proudest result I saw today!

Of course I am THRILLED with the results of the Presidential election...I am beside myself with pride and joy!

But I wanted to post about another race that I am beaming for; a victory that my dear friend, my soul sister, Skylark contributed to with her whole heart and being...even though she did not live in the person's district! May I present to you:

Mike Obermueller is a stand up hardworking guy. He won in an exciting rematch of a very close race in 2006.

District 38B is the town where I went to high school, where my parents live still, and is the very "Red" home district of our(cough*wretched*cough) governor, Tim Pawlenty, who you may have seen talking to Diane Sawyer last night spewing apologetic rhetoric for his own party as Obama slam dunked last night.

Lynn Wardlow was a math teacher at my middle school and I went to school with one of his sons. I was never impressed with his skills in the Legislature (a pretty pathetic moment in his life and in the life of politics that you may want to watch).

When I last lived in Eagan, I would write Lynn Wardlow often about issues I cared about as his constituent, issues that I knew he disagreed with me on. He responded personally to the emails, but his responses were very closed minded and upsetting to me. I wish I had kept them, but I erased them because they made me so angry.

ANYWAY! Skylark and Mike and their friends have been working their buns off for two years to gain this house seat. I think they knocked on every door in Eagan thrice! And they did it! They earned that seat!

Hip Hip Hooray!!!!

Skylark, I am oh-so proud of you, I do not even have the words. You turned 38B BLUE!


Anonymous said...

hooray sky! i never knew eagan could be blue!

amy said...

it reminds you the power of one person! go sky!

Missy said...

I should have called this the Grass Rootiest thing!

So proud of my friend!

xup said...

A microcosm of the nation!

Just Dan said...

May I just say, bravo!

May I?

Just Dan said...

p.s. He is (cough*wretched*cough)

I think so too!

sarah said...

awesome work sky!