Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The sing-a-long-iest thing I saw today.

Saturday night, and friend and I were visiting a burrito place in Dinkytown. Dinkytown is adjacent to my employer and alma mater; as well as the alleged haunt of Bob Dylan and myself when we went there (years apart).

Like any college neighborhood, the place was packed with and staffed by twenty somethings.

While my meal was prepared, a beloved Weezer song came on, and we all started singing along.

That's me in the maroon shoes.

It was fantastic! Everyone kept about their business and we all carried the tune at the same time.

Aw yeah. "That'll be $6.75" All right. "Did you need extra sauce?" Feels good, "No thanks", inside.

If we started a choreographed dance number it would have been just like a sketch on the muppet show!


Anonymous said...

Who knew Minneapolis could be so much fun. Of course, those of us who remember Mary Richards know zany stuff happens all the time, but still....

sarah said...

i can totally picture this scene! i would have joined in for sure!

Missy said...

I forgot to draw my burrito!

Just Dan said...

That is an awesome moment, Missy. How fun to be a part of it!