Monday, December 8, 2008

This is the way my brain is feeling today!

I am on a grueling phone call and just drew this quick!

Stress! Antsy! Excitement! Overwhelmed! Over-caffeinated!

I should add that I am normally a wiggly and fidgety person, so today that is amplified! Just image in imagine never sitting still, I didn't want to make anyone nauseous!

I just thought I would draw it and share with you! Everything is fine, just a hectic week at work is all. A hectic week now visually expressed!


XUP said...

I hate it when my eyes get all x-ie

Missy said...

Holy man the spelling errors! I am still trucking away! It does make it harder to see when the eyes go crazy!

sarah said...

maybe the snow eventually slowed you down?! i thought maybe this picture would have a USB port on the side of your head? :)

Mnmom said...

Looks like one of my kids