Monday, February 9, 2009

The Cryptid-iest thing I saw today!

Here is another great submission to the Monster Challenge!

This one is called "Daydreaming at Work Monster", or "Wishful Thinking" and it was created by Jen.

Jen is a graphic designer and amateur cryptozoologist.

While I did not confirm this, I believe this is actually Jen is a prior life, or maybe on the weekends?

Great work! Bravo!

I hope to see more monsters. The people who have contributed thus far have enjoyed the activity, so if you need a boost to your day, take a bit to scratch out a creature!


Anonymous said...

Holy crap. Now I'd be REALLY embarassed to submit my chicken scratchings. Gorgeous monster

Missy said...

Oh XUP, you should not be embarrassed. Jen has a gift and access to tools most of us do not have.

Your response makes me think that a scratching chicken monster would be cool to see....

Mnmom said...

Looks like my daughter