Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The Blushiest thing I saw today!

(Hey- Long time no see! Thanks for returning with me!!! I have missed drawing for you!)

As I awaited my Metro Transit chariot home yesterday, I was quite amused to witness four individuals of the male persuasion who were all randomly dressed alike and all rushing to catch the same bus.
(Click to enlarge)

I found it darling that they were all wearing pale pink polo shirts!

(The color shown here is more of a "hot pink", their shirts were "Baby Girl" pink. Paint has drastic limitations on color selection.)

From anecdotal research, I have found that this color is not always easy to get the male of the species, or the some females for that matter, to wear. I could see no reason why they were all dressed so similarly, it is a busy bus stop and a busy bus.

I had a fleeting sense of joy as they all rushed by me. If they were flamingos, I would have thought they had all scored a nice shrimp bounty!

I took a count on my own bus, and found that periwinkle blue was the polo shirt of the day, with five total on the bus.


Mimi aka pz5wjj said...

That's funny. Why were they all in pink? Were they working the same place? Was it a uniform of sorts?

Very odd.

Missy said...

I do not think they work together because I recognize a couple of them from around my office and the daily bus stop crowd. One guy is actually my usual "Phew, I am not late" touchstones, because he leaves his building across the street at the same time as me. It is funny all the people who are in our lives but not consciously!

Blogagaard said...

Dear Missy,

I cannot help but notice you mentioned seeing three flamingo shirted gentlemen yet I see four said gentlemen in your graphic image.

Thus strikes, Monkey (Baboon) Love!

Missy said...

D'oh! You got me! Even Steven! There were 4.

Mnmom said...

I call them familiar strangers.

LOVE when these things happen. I always notice things like 5 white cars in a row etc. The other night at a restaurant, a table full of women all got up at the same time and ambled out with nearly identical outfits and oversized purses. It was like a strange middle-aged Minnesota women military unit.