Thursday, September 6, 2007

The Alderaaniest Thing I saw today.

So I was taking the bus home the other day, sitting on the aisle seat just minding my own business; reading my book and zoning out the animated conversations around me.

The bus neared my stop so I perked up a little and the woman sitting next to me tapped me and said:

And I said "You look JUST like Carrie Fischer in 1977! Oh, and this is my stop too."

She said, "I know."

Then I tried not to stare at her the remainder of our trip.

Guys must ask her to wear that slave costume all the time.


urban pedestrian said...

So, wait... this woman looked exactly like Princess Leia complete with those big, honkin' cinnamon roll hair thingys twisted around her ears and you didn't notice until she tapped you? But you're the queen of quirky observation...

Missy said...

Good point, urban pedestrian! I feel a little bit like a failure for that. Just goes to show how many things are out there to see!

However, I was in "I just want to go home" city bus rider mode, so I was trying to avoid eye contact and human interaction.

And her hair was not EXACTLY like that, though she did have it pulled up at the sides.

Her face TOTALLY looked like Carrie freakishly close.

urban pedestrian said...

I blame the bus. You weren't in top form because buses are soul-sucking tubes of human wretchedness. The temperature is always set on maximum discomfort; the few seats are lumbar-hostile and the overhead straps always out of reach. They bring the sickness back to motion sickness. They circle around where you want to go several times before taking you there. They hate people. I don't like buses. I don't like cars. I firmly believe most motor vehicles should be destroyed. There, I've said it. Have a splendid weekend.

Just Dan said...

How did she know it was your stop too? Was she using the force? If so, that's spooky. Yet also very cool.