Friday, August 31, 2007

The Crabbiest thing I saw at the fair.

The fair is a place of joy and pride in our great state. People show off their best talents and check out what innovations are in store for us in our bright Minnesota future.

Plus, this year they are allowing real beer at the fair (rather than 3.2 beer).

I once had a friend who said "People who wear sweatpants in public have given up on life." A very un-state fair fashion statement.

Does this hold true if you are also sporting a bowler hat and a pork chop on a stick?

The extreme frown, sweats and flip flops send a really mixed message here.

I would not hold the mustard stain against him, most people at the fair are stylin' with a sauce stain somewhere.


Martin Delin said...

Uhm... how weird is that on scale from 1-10? I mean honestly, how did that guy even come up with that mix...

The old song by The Police comes to mind: "I'm englishman in New York.."
Though this is more the deep, dark and inner places of America ;)

As always, I love the illustrations.

The Pirate of Selby Avenue said...

Last year a certain friend and neighbor of mine decided he needed to "update" his look based upon what he saw the younglin's wearing at the Fair. He's yet to adopt the bowler hat + sweatpants look, thankfully.

B said...

once again, missy -- you've got hot-off-the-runway fashion. go you!

Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

I can honestly say I was nowhere near that fair but somehow my t shirt got a mustard stain on it. Crazy huh.

B said...

new blog is up! :)

you could always co-contribute, ya know! *wink wink* jk lol


have fun :)

first installment should be up within the next week.

Lex Ham Rand said...

I think that will be the title of my new album - "Stylin' with a Sauce Stain," by Lex Ham Rand and the Shirt-Napkins.

sarah george said...

i think people should sit down while eating large chunks of meat.

Just Dan said...

Never hold a mustard stain against anyone. That's good policy right there. We've all walked that lonely -- yet tangy -- road.