Wednesday, August 22, 2007

The 1988-est thing I saw today.

Today I helped the "big man on campus" who has long left high school, but still clings to his glory days:

He was so dreamy back then- so Kirk Cameron!

He wore that Guess tee and those stone washed jeans in a sadly non-ironic way.

I am impressed with how the fabrics have held up. He must treat them with Woolite and love.

Or maybe he fell through a time warp, how will he ever return to his true time?


B said...

you crack me up!

sarah george said...

he looks like a happy guy. i can't wait to see him at the state fair!

Missy said...

Ha! Me too! I hope you can get a sneaky picture of him.

Martin Delin said...

hahaha! I would love to see this give IRL.

But Missy, please consider the fact that the 80's, is very modern and hip today. Maybe he's just being trendy? ;)