Wednesday, August 22, 2007

The Diverse-iest thing I saw today

Walking about the University I saw a man walking about displaying a clutch of cultures, breaking down social stereotypes:

He was wearing a nice jogging suit with matching shoes, a kippah, Tzitzit, and long peyos.

He was just your standard Minnesotan African-American Hasidic Jewish man.

The thing is that in Minnesota, even in Minneapolis, the Jewish and African American populations are small compared to bigger cities or cities in other parts of the country or world (Jewish= around 46,685/5,132,799 Minnesotans or 0.9% of the population and African American= around 202,972/5,132,799 Minnesotans or 4.1%) .

So this is the first MAAJM I have ever seen.

I had seen a Hasidic Jewish Reggae performer before, but he was from New York, and he was white. (He was the first white reggae perforner I had seen too.)

Maybe this guy was not from Minnesota, maybe he was just visiting. I guess I should have asked for his place of residence!

Anyway, I was glad to see someone so proud of and commited to displaying their faith.


B said...

nice rendering!

Missy said...


DJ FunkyGrrL said...

I visited MN, cool vibe

The Pirate of Selby Avenue said...

Wait until you get a load of the Hmong Odinists. The horned helmets are awesome.

indiephotogirl said...

I heart your blog. It makes me smile.

Sara's Texture Crafts said...


urban pedestrian said...

I love this blog, Missy -- I'm going to link it to mine and then all my friends (well, both of them) can check this out. The diverse-iest thing I've seen recently is a couple of guys dressed like those big furry Star Trek characters out at the grocery store doing their weekly shopping. Cashier says they dress like that ALL the time. I think they were white and probably Anglican originally.

Ironic said...

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By the way,
I love your blogs.