Tuesday, August 28, 2007

The Bathing Beautiest thing I saw at the Minnesota State Fair!

***Special Minnesota State Fair Edition***

The state fair has THE best people watching around. Everyone flocks to Saint Paul to be themselves and eat deep fried food on a stick.

I could just sit on a bench all day and watch the humanity go by! Some people go every day to take it all in!.

I have gone to the fair two evenings this year and I took notes on things to draw for you people. Here is the first installment:

At the fair, I saw dairy princess Princess Kay of the Milky Way and her head carved in butter.

I also saw Ms. Brooklyn Park 2006 walking about with a Pronto Pup in her best evening wear making Brooklyn Park proud! (Jesse Ventura was once the Mayor of Brooklyn Park, so goodness knows they need the good press!)

She was without any escort or entourage, so I was tempted to ask for an autograph. I chose to let her be; being a local celebrity can be very taxing, I'm sure.

I hope that Ms. Brooklyn Park is an age 55+ competition, otherwise the stress of the role is really showing on this beauty queen!


sarah george said...

i like mustard on my pronto pups too! i'll be at the fair this afternoon to people watch and eat all eve!

Missy said...

Oh yes, mustard is a must!

Meanwhile, Todd does not believe on ketchup on his cheese curds, which is something new I learned. apparently ketchup on cheese curds is blasphemy of some sort.

urban pedestrian said...

pronto pups? cheese curds? the disgustingest thing at our fall fairs is poutine -- the greasiest french fries drowning in brown gravy with a big whalloping pile of cheese (curds or otherwise) melted on top. THEN you pour on the ketchup/salt/pepper

Missy said...

Poutine? Ew!! I am afraid of brown gravy on french fries!