Sunday, March 23, 2008

The Most Faithful Thing I Saw/Heard Today!

Saturday I was at the grocery store in minding my own business browsing the meat department. The place was bustling with happy shoppers preparing for their Sunday feasts.

One shopper saw a friend and exclaimed with great delight:

This made me smile and it amused me a lot because, as you may know from A Prairie Home Companion, this just is not how Minnesota Lutherans behave.

Here is a list of are some true Minnesotan values (set
to avoid making other people uncomfortable) that were broken in this scene :

1. No shouting in grocery stores.
2. Remain humble, do not make others jealous or bother others with your glee.
3. No shouting in grocery stores.
4. Do not parade your faith about town.
5. Both women are wearing a racy amount of lipstick.

Times they are a changin'.......ain't that right, very vocal former Minnesotan Bob Dylan?

**********************News Flash**********************

Creepy Pants Cats and this one bachelor Math teacher I had in 5th grade can rejoice and sing praises because their favorite pants have risen from the dead.

In the article you will find this gem:
"There really isn't anything like a family in matching Zubaz attire"

No, there really isn't.


sarah george said...

horray! these ladies are "feelin' it!"

B said...

um OMG! That's hilarious! I think those rules are safe to follow in ANY state lol. I especially like the bit about the lipstick. It reminds me of when I was young and I always wondered why my grandma wore orange I asked one day. She replied "It's not orange! It's coral!" As if I'd been really silly to mistake the two colors for each other LOL

Mimi aka pz5wjj said...

too funny!

You know, down here in the Bible Belt, we hear that daily! I think they must have been lost southerners.

Anonymous said...

To your sidebar story, will you, Todd, and the cat be going out in Zubaz anytime soon? Maybe for next year's Christmas picture?

Mnmom said...

Here in Minnesota, Jesus just wants you to get on the church finance committee and don't shout in public