Thursday, March 27, 2008

The Scariest Blog I saw Today.

Today I have to lure you to another drawing blog that I have grown to love so much.

The blog is an ever growing collection of drawings by Eli, the 4 year old son of comic artist James Kochalka. James is a favorite of mine too.

Eli has quite the clever little mind and his drawings always bring my heart back to days of innocence and unbridled imagination.

I had thought about promoting him before, but todays' picture sealed the deal:

I dare you to find a better drawing of R2D2.

I DARE you!

Ok, wait, don't show me one, it will crush my spirit!


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Mnmom said...

LOVE THOSE!!!! My kids used to draw similar things - just cracked me up. Once they drew lunch trays for their dolls complete with steam.

B said...

That's awesome! haha

OH, btw -- Is saw an episode of Bizarre Food with Andrew Zimmern the other day that reminded me of you -- it was all about food in Minnesota. You weren't kiddin' about the food on a stick at the fair!

Missy said...

Food on a stick is no joke.

And it is not healthy either.

I wonder what he showed.

B said...

he is such a food snob! i agree...but i just like to watch what sort of crap he shoves down his pie hole. i mean, seriously.

the big stick items i remember him eating were a wild rice corn dog, and spaghetti and meatballs on a stick lol plus i saw the famous cheese curds -- and some scary spam curds. LOL

if you think the food at that fair is unhealthy, you should really visit our tx state fair. i mean, we have every thing you could think of deep fried here -- including twinkies, snickers bars, pb&js, and yes, even coca cola. CRAZY!

B said...

fry daddy? no!

but i so need one of those built in industrial deep fryers like paula deen has lol do you have one?

Mimi aka pz5wjj said...


Bl@ck Coffee said...

The first one is fantastic. That kid has a wonderful imagination and all kinds of talent.