Monday, March 24, 2008

The Prince-iest Thing I Saw Today

So the other day I was taking the bus to First Avenue to see Mike Doughty with my friend. My friend is cool. First Avenue is also cool and it was also where parts of Purple Rain were filmed.

Just imagine me standing on that floor with lots of eye makeup, ripped tank top and spiky bangs.

Anyways...this First Avenue fact is relevant because on the bus I saw:

(Sing it with me to the tune of The Replacements "Kiss Me on the Bus")

Prince Guy on the Bus!

PS: The "Kiss Me on the Bus" video is pretty entertaining if you have any remaining tolerance for 1980's nostalgia and enjoy community produced television in Dearborn, Michigan.


Anonymous said...

Prince guy on the bus! You are cool. :)

Mimi aka pz5wjj said...

Haha -- too excellent! Do you think he reads your blog and dresses like this everyday and takes the bus everyday in hopes that ONE DAY he'll be discovered?

Mission complete.

Just Dan said...

Love it, Missy. Great picture, great post!

Mnmom said...

He just wants your extra time and your . . . . KISS