Tuesday, July 10, 2007

The New Waviest thing I saw today


I could start a whole new blog about the different tattoos I see every day. I have a few myself. Some tattoos are pretty cool.

Not all tattoos stand the test of time- some can become dated or reveal just how young you were when you chose it (sadly I think I have one of those). Some even cause great regret.

I saw a tattoo recently that just struck me as odd on the person given his dress and behavior.

He was dressed pretty bad ass and he carried himself in a bad ass way. He looked like a bad ass grease monkey kind of guy who likes classic rock. He had a new looking tattoo of a ladies head on his buff arm that was very New Wave:

With my lacking skills I cannot do the tattoo justice, but bear with me. The tat looked straight out of 1983 and looked like it would be chosen by a huge Duran Duran or The Cure fan. He looked more like a guy who would have a skull or barbed wire on his bicep.

Like the biker in my previous post, you just cannot judge a book by its cover or itts cover art for that matter.


sarah george said...

amazingly, i also escaped my "wonder years" with out a tatoo. having worked in a nursing home, i have seen many a 90 year old tatoo. especially those old army tatoos, they don't get better looking.

the worst tatoo i have ever known, was this guy i went to high school with. he was one of the hopkins "cruisers" that cruise mainstreet hopkins... looking for something, what? i am not sure. maybe 1950. anyway, his tatoo was a drawing of a dodge viper, and underneath it read vrrrrrrrrrrooom. seriously.

Missy said...

Ha! Vroom! Awesome.