Tuesday, July 24, 2007

The Groovin'-est thing I saw today.

Out at a rock show recently I witnessed a true dance commander. This guy really brought the party to the show and he got all kinds of people to join him in the booty shakin'.
We were all lucky he made it there, because the markings on his shirt made me realize that apparently someone tried to keep him from being there:

If only I knew how to animate my little drawings, because he really had some good moves and high levels of enthusiasm. He must have been tied up a long time.


The Pirate of Selby Avenue said...

What rock show was it?

Missy said...

It was also the Hopefuls at Peavey Plaza. What is funny is that The opefuls have their own crazy dance man, but this guy was out there even before the usual guy- I forget his name- came out to dance.

B said...

i wish i didn't have so many inhibitions. i wanna bring the party, man. but for now, i'll stay a wallflower.

sarah george said...

i jump up and down and call it dancing.