Monday, July 16, 2007

The Mowgli-est thing I saw today.

While attending a concert my friends and I witnessed a man who, like me, clearly enjoyed The Hopefuls. He had wild and coarse long black hair and a wolf shirt on and he was crouched on the steps of Peavey Plaza literally howling throughout the set.

He was most surely raised by wolves. There is hardly another explanation.

As the sun set over the show, I worried if he would prove my theory wrong and tranform into another wolf being.

He kept holding his hands in the air making the "hang loose" sign while he howled. That makes sense to me because how could the wolves have properly taught him the "corna" sign without opposable thumbs?


B said...

the hang loose thing would have definitely bothered me. he needs a good swift lesson in rocking out properly.

or maybe he thought he was at the beach.

Jeff said...

Um, you maybe too young for this but I think that guy was probably Lucan, the wolf boy.

So it was probably the Lucan-iest thing you saw today! :)

Anonymous said...

"'[;;;;;;;;;;;;;';[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[" - Ginger

I think he's crazy. Lyncanthropes only come out at night.

The Pirate of Selby Avenue said...

A well known sign of lycanthropy is the ability to "throw the goat" despite having been raised by wolves without thumbs. The powers of Ronnie James Dio are awesome and mysterious. Best not to question them.

sarah george said...

as little big tom would say, "rock and roll."