Monday, July 2, 2007

The Mournful-est Thing I Saw Today

Driving a country road I came upon a weathered roadside memorial or shrine to someone loved and lost. If traffic had been less dense and there was shoulder to park on I might I have investigated it closer.

The weeds in the ditch were growing up around the dried flowers and white cross that made up half of the memorial. The second half was a droopy pink Care Bear locked in a bird cage, perhaps in an attempt to lock in the spirit of a loved one lost.

I think it was Love-a-lot Bear.


B said...

oh no :( those roadside memorials are the saddest. especially when you know it's in memoriam of a child.

sarah george said...

i agree with B. so sad. i always say a quick prayer when i pass one on the road.

Missy said...

It is totally sad. I hope I did not come across as too glib. I always wonder what happened and I hope the family is ok.

starshrine said...

When we were first entering Idaho, along the highway I counted 36 little white crosses, in the span of 1-2 hours of driving. Each seemed to have different flowers and ribbons, and sometimes there were 2 crosses in a spot. It kind of wierd-ed me out for a while, like it was an especially deadly stretch of road. Dave & I decided that it must be a subtle anti-drunk driving campaign, since the crosses were so uniform and all looked rather new.