Friday, June 29, 2007

The preppy-est thing I saw today.

Oh I went to a garden party.....
It was an academic garden party in the steamy rain. There we were, a bunch of people dressed nicely, but not too fashion-y. I believe that despite the weather, there were some gents wearing tweed jackets with oval elbow pads.

And then she walked into the tent to show us all up:

Yes, a crisp white dress with purses printed on it. The ensemble was topped off with a bright colored sun hat, dainty designer handbag and springy sandals.

She KNEW how to dress for a garden party.

Just goes to show that we all excel at something.
"And you can't please everyone, so you've got to please yourself.."


sarah george said...

i am a believer in the long lost artform, called "the outfit."

was there croquet at the party?

B said...

how very quaint of her. and purse print? i think my mother in law owns something with a similar pattern.

mushroommeadows said...

hm...I'm sure the outfit looked very nice...:)

~Stella said...

A purse dress! And sunhat! Very nice.

Don't you wish you had worn a dress with a white background and little pictures of potato chip bags all over it? Or bowling balls and pins.

You could have sidled up to her and pointed to the little purses and said, enthusiastically, "I love your dress!" and waited to hear the follow-up. That would be awesome.


Martin Delin said...

See, when people just try that wee bit too hard, it's just sad. This woman seems like she did just that. All she ever wanted was a hug from somebody who actually wanted to hug her.

shaun.marie said...

your drawings rule!!

RamblingRound said...

Good morning, Missy. I want to thank you for visiting my blog. You have a neat one. Do you design the artwork on your blog? It's great!

Katie said...

A garden party sounds like so much fun! Love your little drawing! Thanks for commenting on my blog!