Thursday, June 21, 2007

The Gothiest thing I saw today.

It was very hot and muggy while I was waiting for my bus home. Most people were wearing their shorts and skirts and sandals to beat the heat. I came upon a young gent who put fashion before comfort.

He looked as though he had just come from work as he was carrying a worn black briefcase. He was very tall and lean- vegan lean. Every layer of his clothing was black- his pants, his vest, his tie, his shirt; one could assume his underthings were black too. He wore a nice black fedora (which more guys should wear!) and he had all of his buttons buttoned (wrists, neck, etc). He also wore driving gloves.

He wore an eerie self satisfied grin on his face. The sun, the heat and the crowded rush hour bus stop did not phase him one bit. It looked as though he knew something the rest of us didn’t know- like maybe a flock of man eating birds
was about to set down and they were only deterred by black things. His grin told me that he knew the rest of us were doomed and maybe he sort of liked that idea. Maybe he wanted that bus stop all to himself.

Oh, and he had a cane too. Maybe that was to wack off any man eating birds that came near him.

I didn't realize one needed riding gloves on the bus. I'll have to get some!


B said...

I wonder what was in the suitcase. Hmmm.

AncaNY said...

Your blog is too funny!
Love it.

Michael said...

Hey thanks for your comment on my blog it was taken on board and very much appreciated. Trilbys completely rock by the way.:-)

Classe said...

Loved it.

One whom voyages via large public chariots should have the elegant instinct to don a pair of Leather Gloves when you ride. Do you really want your hands to be caressing the aftermath of other who have traveled before you?