Thursday, June 14, 2007

The [Prefix]est first blog ever! Or Deja vu

I am taking the blog plunge into "new blog waters...I may go running back to myspace, we'll just have to see.

This little blog is starting because I wanted a place to put the funniest thing I see each day (or as many days as possible). Nothing revolutionary or preachy or intellectual, just letting you lovelies know what things humans do in this wonderful world that put a smile on my face.

Basically- people are amazing and hilarious; they make, say, do and buy unreal things everyday- but you knew that! Maybe you will be willing to share some of the humanity you witness too! I have modified my platform idea to be not just "the funniest thing I saw today" but the "[fill in the prefix]est thing I saw today".

It could be the "nerdiest" or the "lamest" or the "smelliest" (I'll figure out the scent function in this system later), you get the point.

Do you think I can get away with that?

I am cheating and reposting my little blog from myspace since I have not quite decided on the [fill in the prefix]est thing I saw today.

So, here is the funniest thing I saw yesterday:
I am sitting at my desk minding my own when I hear this gruff voice behind me say: "Does this person work with you?"

I turn and this guy walks into my cube and asks if I will sign for a package. He is wearing wearing a dirty Twins hat and a UMN vest of some sort. He is quite short and very bearded- in that homeless/ironic hipster unkempt beard kind of way.

He also had no less than 25 pens attached to the drooping collar of his tee-shirt!

The actual pen section of each pen was INSIDE the shirt and the little clip thingies were outside the shirt. The pens were in a variety of colors.

He hands me the package, grabs a pen from his chest and says:

And then I held the pen as lightly as possible and signed his form. Then he left my office.
I couldn't help but wonder what had happened in his life that made him want to keep all those pens so close to his heart. Maybe I did not wait tables long enough to understand?

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sarah said...

Oh, this made me donkey-chortle when you said that his pens were INSIDE the shirt, clips outside.

I'm excited for your new blogaventure!