Wednesday, June 20, 2007

The enthrallingest thing I saw today

Today I may be crossing a line- please tell me if I am. I will take it down if this comes across wrong.

I wanted to show you something I saw that this person did not choose; some sort of medical condition that they deal with. I do not mean to make fun or chastise this person. I am honestly just fascinated by what they deal with and what it is.

The human body is capable of handling and being manipulated by so many things- tiny things too! Like a random piece of DNA or a tiny speck of virus. People are able to withstand so many of these things despite the challenges that they cause. It is amazing.

Walking back to work from a meeting, I passed a man whose physical state boggles my mind. I searched through various online medical resources (and Google!) to learn more about what was going on with his body. I searched imagesMD for something that looked like him and found nothing.

This man was stocky, probably in his 50’s, hot from the sun, and he had bulbs of flesh hanging from his face, arms and legs! Like light bulbs of flesh or papayas of flesh.

Do any of you know what this could be and if it hurts? I hope he is not in pain. I hope they are lightweight.


Martin Delin said...

Heh. I can't help but to laugh a bit. I guess your drawings are so cute I couldn't help myself. Interesting condition - no doubt he will be on Oprah or something in the near future?

sarah george said...

is there a doctor in the house? i have no idea what this could be. this is EXACTLY the reason i am a social worker and not a nurse. bless his heart.

Missy said...

Oh- I should have called Oprah! Maybe she would know!

Sarah- I know what you mean. I should ask a nurse.

B said...

After many exhaustive and disturbing Google image searches, I've turned up nothing. WebMd was, of course, no help either.

BTW, thanks for checking out my blog. Stick around for more on the trials and tribulations of motherhood LOL.

I've bookmarked your blog. GREAT BLOG!

mariah said...

i will work on this. might as well take advantage of being around surgeons all day...

Blogagaard said...

It's fucking obvious, dude.

The dude's the Blob (of X-Men fame) and he's reproducing little bloblets. You should throw him a blobby shower and you can all consume jello.

chandrabkavati said...

i have seen that sort of thing once before but only all over the face. it is so sad.