Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The Cattiest thing our GUEST ARTIST saw today!

Yes, we have a guest artist today! My chic friend the Pariah has tried her hand at drawing something that caught her eye. I was so thrilled to receive this from her and I hope you welcome her and her art.

The Pariah says:
When we were driving back from the purcell-cutts tour, we passed custom cat purrniture, the holy land for cat ladies, located on university avenue.

there was a happy couple walking out of the store, with a happy kitty perched on the shoulder of the gentleman. he had sturdy shoulders and the kitty seemed quite pleased with her perch, but being a concerned cat-man, he was securely holding kitty's leash in his other hand.

perhaps his shoulder was getting sore from all of the perching, and they were looking to invest in a custom cat furniture perch to substitute?

I think the Pariah is on to something there. I'll bet his co-workers are tired of the cat coming along to work everyday.

My cat is pretty jealous that she does not get to go shopping; but when I remind her that shopping involves getting in the car she pipes down.

Hooray and thanks Pariah!! I love that the sky is a hazy shade of winter!

If anyone thinks they can handle the pressure, I would be happy to have your contribution to this collection!


Mnmom said...

Mine likes to perch on my van, and leave unsightly dirty paw prints on the way up and down.

mthep said...

tee hee! it looks so much better now that it's in your blog :)

Mimi aka pz5wjj said...

haha... macho man with cat... funny.

I don't have a pet (other than 2 boys and a husband)...

Anyway, great job!