Wednesday, February 27, 2008

The Peace is hard workiest thing I saw today!

I suppose witnessing the following scene was a eyebrow raising because of the momentary irony and how it made me think... HOWEVER before you read:

Please know that I respect Mothers and Fathers. I am not a parent. I cannot imagine how challenging it can be. I mean no disrespect.

For real.

Ok, back to the art.

I saw this woman publicly yelling at her daughter in that way that makes you uncomfortable for being nearby (and perhaps makes you flashback to some times when you drove your parents over the edge as a child).

Then I saw them get into the car depicted in the picture:

It was just a small reminder of how peace is a process with good days and bad days.


Mimi aka pz5wjj said...

Oh Missy! It is hard! You have no idea!

I hear myself yelling at my kids one minute and being all cuddly and cooy the next minute! It's so hard too when you hear your own words come back to you! Kind of a slap in the face! I'll say, "Don't talk to me that way!" and then two days later Sam will repeat those words back to me when I'm telling him off. And when you hear the kids putting their toys in Time out... Really gives you pause -- a reality check!

And I'm not offended at all. It gives a different perspective. I can so relate to the mom!

B said...

Hey, ya know -- we all have our oxymoron days.

Like today: I took my new SUV, that tends to guzzle a little gas, to go buy some cloth diapers.

Love it.

Mnmom said...

I must admit that sometimes I'm that Mom.

Kids have this way of reaching way down inside your soul and finding anger and impatience you didn't know you had. They drive you right to the edge of madness that no human could take. Then you yell. Then you feel like a complete schmuck. Then you make them hot peanut butter toast because you feel so bad. Then you look at their perfect little faces while they sleep and wonder what kind of monster you are, for yelling at that innocent baby.

Then the next day those same angels break all your lipsticks, write on all your post-it notes, and put the cat down the laundry chute.

And the cycle starts again.

We go through a lot of peanut butter toast here.

Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

OH man how I hate to see parents yelling at their kids and telling to them to "behave." I should be allowed to taze those parental bullies who do that stuff.

Just Dan said...

I've seen it before, Missy. It ain't pretty. Conversely, I can understand it on some level.

Goldfish. Maybe they're the answer.