Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The Oppegaardiest Thing I Saw Today

Yes, another guest artist today!

My pal David Oppegaard drew this accurate picture of his home office a little while ago. I didn't have the sense to post it then, but now I have seeeeeeeen the light!

Plus, I wanted to direct your attention to a writing contest Dave is advancing in on Amazon.com. Ch-check out the segment of his novel if you need a laugh, and write a review if you have a chance!

Actually, the MAIN reason is that he has one of those great Scandinavian names with the double vowel thing. Hot.

In this scene, the artist, a writer by trade, depicts himself hard at work in his creative space. We see tinges of the common stereotypes of devoted authors and a really nice drawing of the cat, Opie.

This drawing was created soon after Oppegaard sealed his first publishing deal. His first novel, The Suicide Collectors, will be released by St. Martin's Press (this is the same publisher as Puzzle Master Will Shortz! Holy Moly!).

I have another of my drawings ready for tomorrow..that is if you still come back after I have shilled for my friend. I am really excited for him! Woot!


Mnmom said...

Go David Go!
I was just posting about my Norwegian home town on another blog. Lots of Usgaards, Olsgaards, etc

Blogagaard said...

Man, this David Oppegaard fellow sounds like a bright lad. mnmom, I love your hat.

Blogagaard said...

Also, I learned a while back Oppegaard is a town in Norway.

Mimi aka pz5wjj said...

Excellent! WTG!

I lived in Norway for a year -- a town (I use that term very liberally, it was small) called Langevaag, and went to school in Aalesund.

All double vowels....

Mnmom said...

Let's not forget Aastuen, Maaten, Aakselsen,
I love my hat too!