Monday, February 4, 2008

The Truly Commited-est thing I saw today

I work in and around a huge medical center that is laid out in a way that resembles a Jackson Pollack painting.

I saw a darling couple the other day trying to navigate around together. Truly together.

They were both struggling to walk and leaning on one another. They were both patiently discussing their next move. They were smiling despite the challenge and both laughed at their situation when I offered to help them.

They warmed my heart.


Mnmom said...

Glad you stopped to offer help. I fell in the Target parking lot once and people just looked at me like "Well, look at that, and perfectly good white woman laying in the parking lot".

B said...

aw. i'm glad they have each other! :)

Mimi aka pz5wjj said...

Awww... I've got the warm fuzzies now!