Monday, October 15, 2007

The Earthiest thing I quickly drew today.

I drew this abstract and inaccurate picture of Earth because today people are uniting to blog about the environment.

Seemed like a great idea to me, though I am not environmental expert.

So this is a friendly reminder that we live on Earth and we should be nice to Earth.

I encourage you to check out other blogs and things out there to learn something new.

Now I am off to do some recycling and try to reduce my environmental footprint.



Bravo, bravo, fellow Blog Action chick. Great to see so many participants and keep tippy-toeing.

Mimi aka pz5wjj said...


Posted my thingy but I like yours better!

B said...


i totally forgot i was going to participate in this.

well, i've recycled things today already. i hope that counts for something :)

yay for earthiest.

sarah george said...

great post! i'm going to print off hundreds of them in the form of fliers and post them around on telephone poles and when they blow off and litter the streets it will be "ironic." no, i'm not gonna do that. i hug trees!

Just Dan said...

I like your earth better than the real one, Missy. Are they accepting applications?