Monday, October 8, 2007

The Securest thing I saw today.

Bikers have been stirring up attention in Minneapolis and some of it has been very sad.

Walking up the block the other day I saw a bike cleverly stored away from your everyday bike theif:

The bike was suspended 2 floors up, hanging out a window. It was secured by a rope that was slammed in the window and I assumed it was balanced on the very thin vanity ledge on the building.

I suppose they either:

1: pulley the bike up by the rope every day for storage

2: shove the bike out the window

3: are very tall, and therefore too tall for the bike

4: rarely use the bike

5: See it as an art installation

Either way, I commend their efforts!

In a similar vein, check out this tree suspended off a building in Paris.


jeremy said...

i think that its owner won't use it or perhaps it's an art installation in fact ?
(thanx for the kink)

vikki said...

Wow...that's impressive!

Anonymous said...

My cycling son says they prefer to be called cyclists as bikers invokes visions of "Hell's Angel's" types.
Love your blog btw!

B said...

I love the roundness of the wheels on your bike. kind of like the missing tail of my snail. LOL

this cracks me up. couldn't someone come by and just CUT the rope? that's an awful lot of work.

sarah george said...

i love those bike people.