Friday, October 5, 2007

The eye rolliest thing I HEARD today.

Ok, I did not SEE this, I heard it, lived it, and I had to share.

Someone knocked the side view mirror off of our car last night:

-not the end of the world, but I had to call and make an insurance claim.

I spoke to a lovely lady with a southern accent. She is probably in some call center somewhere and not in Minneapolis.

She suggested a repair shop that I had used in the past.

Being tired and annoyed that I was even making this call, I muttered aloud, but to myself, "I did not like that shop and they are hard to get to with the bridge detour."

She said, "You mean that bridge that collapsed? They haven't fixed that yet?" She said it with a tone that said "What's wrong with you people up there?" or "What could possibly be delaying the repairs?".


I explained to her that it is was a big bridge (6 lanes wide), over a big river and that it was a big mess that is still being sorted out.

In my crabbiness, I thought about telling her that people are still sorting out Hurricane Katrina too.

She just changed the subject.

I only wish that money, politiking, logistics, and the onset of Minnesota winter would not delay such construction (and other diaster repairs all over the who wide world).


B said...

Politics not get in the way? Wow, I'd like to live on that planet.

I hate, hate, HATE talking to people in call centers. I feel like they're self righteous loons...I realize that's a generalized statement. But completely founded, nonetheless.

Sorry about your mirror though.


Well, I guess you're lucky you got someone in a call centre on this continent as I understand they're starting to outsource more and more call centre work to various Asian countries -- of course they'd totally understand bridges collapsing and not being fixed