Wednesday, October 31, 2007

The Inflatable-est thing I saw today.

There is a house near my home that loves to celebrate with inflatables- to the max!

Every holiday they their yard is literally overflowing with giant blow-up figures that I am sure fill the neighbors with joy and happiness!

I did not even know they made inflatable figures for some of these holidays.

Halloween of course is no exception. So let me toast their handiwork:

Seriously, my picture cannot do this house justice. They have more inflatables than I could fit in the picture!

If you are in Minneapolis, this house is just a 2 or 3 blocks East of the Chatterbox Pub and just west of Hiawatha. You should go and take in its glory! Remember that their winter holiday display is just around the corner!

Happy Halloween!!



Oh Oh - we have a house like this in our neighbourhood too and then in the middle of all the inflatables is an actual coffin with a glass lid with what looks like a real skeleton inside and the inside of the coffin is all lit up in green. I sure hope they bought lots of candy because every freakin' kid in the city is going to go to their house.

Missy said...

Oh that is awesome. every neighborhood should have one of these houses.

Mimi aka pz5wjj said...

That is cool! It's a bit far to travel for me to bring the kids (haha) but it must look amazing at Christmas!

Lex Ham Rand said...


B said...

wow. i think i can hear the buzz of all the air pumps way down here in texas.

my mom bought us a snowman family blow up for Christmas last year. we only inflated the one day she came to visit and then took it down. i felt gaudy with it in our front yard LOL

vikki said...

I know this house! My kids wait and watch every holiday to see what they put out.

I think we were trick or treating on your block last night.

Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

I love people like that, they are the counterpoint to people like Sparky and I.

Missy said...

Oh Vikki- my husband will be so pleased. He was kind of disapointed that no one had said they knew the house yet. He drives by it on his way home everyday.

Were you t or t-ing by Powderhorn??

We did not get any kids at our condo building. I saw lots of kids running around though I love Halloween!

vikki said...

We were over on 15th and I thought you lived over there. Were we close?

Missy said...

That is my street! How cool is that. I hope people were generous with the candy.