Monday, March 23, 2009

The gaardiest thing I saw today: Monster Challenge!

I received a new monster to post today! Fantastic!

Today's entry comes from my friend Dave, he drew a lovely monster for the challenge and he also creates them in his writing, as evident by his 2009 Bram Stoker Award Nominated (nice job Dave!) debut novel and friend to us all, Tellon:

Tellon, with Richard "A-Bomb" Klatte and Troy LaFaye, in The Hardworking Man From Nebraska.

Now, let us meet Krangaard:
Dave reports: He was born on a Monday morning after a three-day weekend, was made to go to work in the Pain Mines of Blech, and has been enraged ever since.

I hope I never have to work in the Pain Mines of Blech, but if I do, I will say a cautious 'hello' to

Thank you for this great monster, Dave!

Any one else have a monster? Will I ever get my own drawing act back together? Questions we all have to live with on a gray and drizzly spring morn, I guess.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Maggotiest Thing I Saw Today: Monster Challenge!

My friend James, who sadly moved to Boston but is still rad, came up with a doozy of a monster for our pleasure.

The Maggot Farmer:James writes: The story is that he was a bad man who stole a pig and was sent to prison. The authorities killed the pig and threw it in his jail cell, where they left him alone to rot. After 3 moons past he managed to escape, but only after eating the pig, skin, guts and all.... and whatever came out of it. Now he has a taste for awful, and his body is starting to change.

This is amazing and totally creepy, James! Great work!

James asked if I could make out the facial features, I think I can and I think I am uncomfortable with the way he is looking at me.

Anyone else up for a challenge? It is a hazy shade of winter in Minneapolis today, I encourage you to take 5 min and create some magic- but do not eat any maggots!

Friday, March 6, 2009

The Frankencheesist Thing I saw today: Monster Challenge!

Oh this week has flown by! I have another monster submission waiting in the wings. You people are awesome!

This installment is by Jeremy Couturier
I actually bought a drawing of his on, it is a timeless piece portraying an epic battle. Take a peek. I think Chuck Norris will win! Todd questions my where my loyalty lies. What do you think will win?

Jeremy says: This familiar trio has decided to ham it up for an opportunity to be in the monster challenge!

Boy howdy! They certainly have. And they look great doing it, still scary.

I bow to your talent, Jeremy. Thanks for sharing some monsters with us!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The Frostiest thing I saw today: Monster Challenge!

This is the first of 2 new contributions to the Monster Challenge! Hooray!

Sarah describes how here monster came to here:

Attached is a sketch of a monster that I saw the shape of in some frost on the inside of a car window. He's kind of messy since I had to draw quickly before the window defrosters melted him! Really, I saw this shape and I thought, that kind of looks like a face, a kind of creepy but cute monster face. He doesn't have much of a story beyond that, but maybe he will become a character in some future drawings or something.

And people wonder how we can live with the winter! There is so much beauty and inspiration in all of the seasons.

Great work Sarah! I encourage you to visit her blog to see how she is so creative in so many ways.

I have another entry to post tomorrow! Please come back to check that out. Also, if you have a Monster waiting for you to create and to contribute, I encourage you to do so!