Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The Blushiest thing I saw today!

(Hey- Long time no see! Thanks for returning with me!!! I have missed drawing for you!)

As I awaited my Metro Transit chariot home yesterday, I was quite amused to witness four individuals of the male persuasion who were all randomly dressed alike and all rushing to catch the same bus.
(Click to enlarge)

I found it darling that they were all wearing pale pink polo shirts!

(The color shown here is more of a "hot pink", their shirts were "Baby Girl" pink. Paint has drastic limitations on color selection.)

From anecdotal research, I have found that this color is not always easy to get the male of the species, or the some females for that matter, to wear. I could see no reason why they were all dressed so similarly, it is a busy bus stop and a busy bus.

I had a fleeting sense of joy as they all rushed by me. If they were flamingos, I would have thought they had all scored a nice shrimp bounty!

I took a count on my own bus, and found that periwinkle blue was the polo shirt of the day, with five total on the bus.