Wednesday, February 27, 2008

The Peace is hard workiest thing I saw today!

I suppose witnessing the following scene was a eyebrow raising because of the momentary irony and how it made me think... HOWEVER before you read:

Please know that I respect Mothers and Fathers. I am not a parent. I cannot imagine how challenging it can be. I mean no disrespect.

For real.

Ok, back to the art.

I saw this woman publicly yelling at her daughter in that way that makes you uncomfortable for being nearby (and perhaps makes you flashback to some times when you drove your parents over the edge as a child).

Then I saw them get into the car depicted in the picture:

It was just a small reminder of how peace is a process with good days and bad days.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The Jammin'-est thing I saw 7 years ago!

I was waiting for a bus in with my friend in LA (First off, no one seems to take the bus in LA and let me tell you, I have never felt more like I was out of place or more aware that we were both natural blond haired, blued-eyed Midwesterners than when I saw the reactions from the bus driver and the other passengers when the two of us got on that bus- people were pointing at us, smiling, and shaking their heads! I think the bus driver was tempted to tell us we should take a cab.) and we witnessed this man truly enjoying himself on his commute:

This guy had his radio blasting and his tambourine out rockin' along.

Brings a whole new level to enjoying drive-time radio!

Maybe he had to miss band practice, but I like to think that he really had the music in him!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The Oppegaardiest Thing I Saw Today

Yes, another guest artist today!

My pal David Oppegaard drew this accurate picture of his home office a little while ago. I didn't have the sense to post it then, but now I have seeeeeeeen the light!

Plus, I wanted to direct your attention to a writing contest Dave is advancing in on Ch-check out the segment of his novel if you need a laugh, and write a review if you have a chance!

Actually, the MAIN reason is that he has one of those great Scandinavian names with the double vowel thing. Hot.

In this scene, the artist, a writer by trade, depicts himself hard at work in his creative space. We see tinges of the common stereotypes of devoted authors and a really nice drawing of the cat, Opie.

This drawing was created soon after Oppegaard sealed his first publishing deal. His first novel, The Suicide Collectors, will be released by St. Martin's Press (this is the same publisher as Puzzle Master Will Shortz! Holy Moly!).

I have another of my drawings ready for tomorrow..that is if you still come back after I have shilled for my friend. I am really excited for him! Woot!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The Next Waviest Thing I saw Today

One of my favorite things in life is what I call a "Bow Tie Doctor". This is, well, a doctor who wears a bow toe.

There is just something comforting, whimsical, and respectable about a physician sporting a bow tie.

I suppose people in other professions look nice in bow ties too, but when I see a lab coat paired with a bow tie I have to smile.

The other day I saw a young bow tie medical student!

I was thrilled to see this breed move forward.

I wonder if there is a "bow tie doctor" scholarship fund.....

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The Cattiest thing our GUEST ARTIST saw today!

Yes, we have a guest artist today! My chic friend the Pariah has tried her hand at drawing something that caught her eye. I was so thrilled to receive this from her and I hope you welcome her and her art.

The Pariah says:
When we were driving back from the purcell-cutts tour, we passed custom cat purrniture, the holy land for cat ladies, located on university avenue.

there was a happy couple walking out of the store, with a happy kitty perched on the shoulder of the gentleman. he had sturdy shoulders and the kitty seemed quite pleased with her perch, but being a concerned cat-man, he was securely holding kitty's leash in his other hand.

perhaps his shoulder was getting sore from all of the perching, and they were looking to invest in a custom cat furniture perch to substitute?

I think the Pariah is on to something there. I'll bet his co-workers are tired of the cat coming along to work everyday.

My cat is pretty jealous that she does not get to go shopping; but when I remind her that shopping involves getting in the car she pipes down.

Hooray and thanks Pariah!! I love that the sky is a hazy shade of winter!

If anyone thinks they can handle the pressure, I would be happy to have your contribution to this collection!

Sunday, February 10, 2008

The May-December-est Thing I saw Today

My darling and I attended a chic private gathering, the sort where people either pay to attend or else they are "with the artist". (We were "with the artist".)

I observed a couple conversations like this one:
So Woody Allen. So reminded me of my own denial about the way the world works.

Monday, February 4, 2008

The Truly Commited-est thing I saw today

I work in and around a huge medical center that is laid out in a way that resembles a Jackson Pollack painting.

I saw a darling couple the other day trying to navigate around together. Truly together.

They were both struggling to walk and leaning on one another. They were both patiently discussing their next move. They were smiling despite the challenge and both laughed at their situation when I offered to help them.

They warmed my heart.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

The Touche-est thing I saw today.

'Round these parts it is common to see a car sporting a bumper sticker like this: That is a campaign bumper sticker for US Senator Paul Wellstone, a wonderful man. A man with the moxie and courage to change the world and to speak for those who were not being heard.

A man who died 6 years ago in a terrible plane crash days before the end of a heated election.

His passing left a huge void in the hearts of many Minnesotans. Some people still have his campaign yard sign in their yards, numerous buildings have been named (or re-named) in his honor and some put his legacy into action.

Recently I saw this take on/response to the "Wellstone!" bumper sticker:

I suppose they can mourn their heroes too.


Saturday, February 2, 2008

The fashion over sense-siest thing I saw today

I have to give my excuses for the delay. I just ended my job and started a new one! It has been a crazy January, but now it is February and I already have a stockpile of things to share!

This week has been a prime week for Minnesota winter weather. It was 43 degrees above zero on Monday and 42 below on with the wind chill on Wednesday. Everything melted and then turned to ice, ice, ice.....

This was me during this time(I was half indoors, so I did not need my scarf):
(Good advice, by the by.)

Of course some people refuse to give up their sense of style for the weather:

Some of us are better at sacrificing than others.

And yes, that is what color ones skin might turn when exposed to the -43 wind chill!

PS: Thanks for asking me back! So nice of you.