Monday, November 2, 2009

The Starstruckiest thing I saw today!

If you live in Minneapolis Ward Nine like myself, you might have gotten the awesome mailer below over the weekend. As much as I have a problem with the waste involved with everyday junk mail and this kind of campaign mailer, I got great joy from this one:
"OMGAWD! GARY SHIFF!!!!! I am not going to wash my hands for a month!
You are my FAVORITE city council member! Just don't tell Cam Gordon!" *

Now there is no doubt in my mind that Congressman Keith Ellison supports City Council Member Gary Schiff! What a relief!

And I am so glad that they are so glad to know each other. It is nice to see that a Congressman can have such respect and excitement about a city level legislator.

City Council Member Schiff looks so calm and cool with the attention and admiration too. I like that! I mean, having a dreamy Mayor who is always performing for the voters is enough.

His power is in his eyes, this shot weaken him.


OMG! I have the same shirt!

The All Power Rybak

Remember to vote tomorrow!

*Note that the Honorable Congressman Ellison has neither confirmed or denied this statement.

Friday, September 18, 2009

The Stickiest Thing I Saw Today (File Under: Ceating with Photos)

So I have not been able to keep up with drawing all of the beauty of humanity that surrounds and astounds me each day, I apologize to you and humanity.

I do have drawings, they are just waiting to be tweaked. I seem to have become behind at most everything and I am getting better and better at procrastination. Ask my chess friend, I just made my first(possibly suicidal) move in our game since like June.

Yesterday I made a snap decision. I grabbed my camera and I decided to just take pictures of some of things I have wanted to draw for you!

I hope that helps while I catch up on my art.

To begin, I have the house with the best fence ever. This fence is homespun and it is constantly growing, becoming more confining to the 4 X 7 foot plot of yard it protects.

I got lucky, because there are usually some nice, smiley elders sitting out in the yard, guarding the fence.

As you can see, one side of the fence is standard chain link, The other three sides are pure wire, rope, and various sticks. Some sticks are from nature, some from household goods, some from sports equipment, and some are unidentifiable from the sidewalk.

There are always new sticks being added in between existing sticks, and they have even started laying some flat across the top of the fence.

What makes me smile the most is that so much work is being put into protecting a couple trees and a lot of crabgrass. Those trees and that crabgrass are very important to someone. What's not to love about dedication?

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Lichtenstein-iest thing I put together to catch you up today.

Roy Lichstenstein is one of my favorite artists; I find his pieces simple and yet profoundly emotional. Plus, they are fun!

I am going to use his works to express my feelings of recent events in my life.

Thanks, Roy!

Just 3 weeks ago today, my 37 year old partner, Todd, had a sudden and destructive major systolic failure, aka a heart attack.

It threw our life into chaos, confusion, fear, and frustration.

After a week in the hospital, we had to face life with major changes and unknowns for what the future holds for Todd's health, his heart, and our life.

We both want to do all that we can to prevent another wallop to his heart.

We are so grateful for wonderful health professionals, advances in cardiology, and fantastic health insurance to help us with this goal.

Of course we are grateful for one another as well, we both have done our best to help one another cope and move forward. Todd has been very brave and willing to sacrifice little things to have a big life.

Dietary change was already on our radar, but now even more foods are dangerous and need to be limited or eliminated. I am now disgusted and angry at many foods.

Even though we have been out of the hospital two weeks, we are still catching up on everyday tasks at work and home. It is discouraging, but I try to cut us some slack. We have put extra emphasis on taking care of ourselves by relaxing, walking, and taking time for ourselves to focus on the more important parts of life- the things that make life grand.

Despite all my best efforts, I still feel out of control. I am drowning in a sea of new information, new concerns, and delayed day-to-day tasks.

I have been exhausted and out of sorts, so aggravated with things I cannot influence. I worry about Todd. I mourn the loss of our prior life and plans. Sometimes I feel very alone and scared.

Through it all, we have been so lucky to have the care and support of family, friends and colleagues. We are so grateful!

We are so lucky to have loved ones who have sent cards, called, brought flowers, made and shared meals, sent resources for sustainability, scrubbed our kitchen, put together care packages, shown patience, shared hugs, taken over managing repairs on our home, helped carry things, assisted in work, sent cook books, shared inspiring stories, LISTENED, and overall just have shown that they value Todd and I.

Everyone has brightened our lives! We are reminded that we can get through this and we do not have to do it alone.

Support from everyone has made me feel loved and hopeful, helped me to feel stronger. I believe Todd would agree.

(This one lives right by my office, and it is gigantic, I should pay it a visit!)

Thank you, everyone! You are not alone either, I value you and am here for you too! So is Roy.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The Blushiest thing I saw today!

(Hey- Long time no see! Thanks for returning with me!!! I have missed drawing for you!)

As I awaited my Metro Transit chariot home yesterday, I was quite amused to witness four individuals of the male persuasion who were all randomly dressed alike and all rushing to catch the same bus.
(Click to enlarge)

I found it darling that they were all wearing pale pink polo shirts!

(The color shown here is more of a "hot pink", their shirts were "Baby Girl" pink. Paint has drastic limitations on color selection.)

From anecdotal research, I have found that this color is not always easy to get the male of the species, or the some females for that matter, to wear. I could see no reason why they were all dressed so similarly, it is a busy bus stop and a busy bus.

I had a fleeting sense of joy as they all rushed by me. If they were flamingos, I would have thought they had all scored a nice shrimp bounty!

I took a count on my own bus, and found that periwinkle blue was the polo shirt of the day, with five total on the bus.

Monday, March 23, 2009

The gaardiest thing I saw today: Monster Challenge!

I received a new monster to post today! Fantastic!

Today's entry comes from my friend Dave, he drew a lovely monster for the challenge and he also creates them in his writing, as evident by his 2009 Bram Stoker Award Nominated (nice job Dave!) debut novel and friend to us all, Tellon:

Tellon, with Richard "A-Bomb" Klatte and Troy LaFaye, in The Hardworking Man From Nebraska.

Now, let us meet Krangaard:
Dave reports: He was born on a Monday morning after a three-day weekend, was made to go to work in the Pain Mines of Blech, and has been enraged ever since.

I hope I never have to work in the Pain Mines of Blech, but if I do, I will say a cautious 'hello' to

Thank you for this great monster, Dave!

Any one else have a monster? Will I ever get my own drawing act back together? Questions we all have to live with on a gray and drizzly spring morn, I guess.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Maggotiest Thing I Saw Today: Monster Challenge!

My friend James, who sadly moved to Boston but is still rad, came up with a doozy of a monster for our pleasure.

The Maggot Farmer:James writes: The story is that he was a bad man who stole a pig and was sent to prison. The authorities killed the pig and threw it in his jail cell, where they left him alone to rot. After 3 moons past he managed to escape, but only after eating the pig, skin, guts and all.... and whatever came out of it. Now he has a taste for awful, and his body is starting to change.

This is amazing and totally creepy, James! Great work!

James asked if I could make out the facial features, I think I can and I think I am uncomfortable with the way he is looking at me.

Anyone else up for a challenge? It is a hazy shade of winter in Minneapolis today, I encourage you to take 5 min and create some magic- but do not eat any maggots!

Friday, March 6, 2009

The Frankencheesist Thing I saw today: Monster Challenge!

Oh this week has flown by! I have another monster submission waiting in the wings. You people are awesome!

This installment is by Jeremy Couturier
I actually bought a drawing of his on, it is a timeless piece portraying an epic battle. Take a peek. I think Chuck Norris will win! Todd questions my where my loyalty lies. What do you think will win?

Jeremy says: This familiar trio has decided to ham it up for an opportunity to be in the monster challenge!

Boy howdy! They certainly have. And they look great doing it, still scary.

I bow to your talent, Jeremy. Thanks for sharing some monsters with us!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The Frostiest thing I saw today: Monster Challenge!

This is the first of 2 new contributions to the Monster Challenge! Hooray!

Sarah describes how here monster came to here:

Attached is a sketch of a monster that I saw the shape of in some frost on the inside of a car window. He's kind of messy since I had to draw quickly before the window defrosters melted him! Really, I saw this shape and I thought, that kind of looks like a face, a kind of creepy but cute monster face. He doesn't have much of a story beyond that, but maybe he will become a character in some future drawings or something.

And people wonder how we can live with the winter! There is so much beauty and inspiration in all of the seasons.

Great work Sarah! I encourage you to visit her blog to see how she is so creative in so many ways.

I have another entry to post tomorrow! Please come back to check that out. Also, if you have a Monster waiting for you to create and to contribute, I encourage you to do so!

Friday, February 13, 2009

The Chinga!-iest thing I saw today: Monster Challenge!

I am excited to share a drawing that Jennifer made for the Monster Challenge.

Jennifer also drew one of her pets:

The artist says: This is Jezebel. I drew this picture of her as an attack cat for my friend Xime -- the Chinga!cat reference is from an X-files episode, in which a very violent doll wreaks havoc, all the while saying, "I want to play!!" This is my cat, to a T.

I have met Jezebel and know her story, I can't argue with Jennifer. Sorry Jezebel! You attack things, but you are a pretty kitty, nonetheless.

Here is a very slow loading set of footage from that episode (I hope!):

Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Sweetest thing I saw today: Monster Challenge!

Today's entry comes from my friend Sarah. She created a lovely mixed media piece to depict her monster and sent it to me via the US Mail.

I could debate with Sarah about whether or not Clara Belle is a true monster; but there is no arguing that this piece is darling!

It makes me think of Ezra Jack Keats or Eric Carle, with layered papers of different finishes and colors. I wish that the scan could do that effect justice, you will just have to trust me.

Who will be next? Who is ready to share a monster with us?

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Murkiest thing I saw today: Monster Challenge!

I chiseled out this monster, Murk, because of the cloudy, wet, dense air that has taken over my city the last two days.

I like to think that Murk is lurks somewhere out there in the foggy abyss salvaging dity snow piles and luring in the misty air. Or maybe he is out to get us all! AHHH!

I hope that it is sunny again tomorrow and that Murk goes back to the Pacific Northwest or his den in the sky to rest.

Monday, February 9, 2009

The Cryptid-iest thing I saw today!

Here is another great submission to the Monster Challenge!

This one is called "Daydreaming at Work Monster", or "Wishful Thinking" and it was created by Jen.

Jen is a graphic designer and amateur cryptozoologist.

While I did not confirm this, I believe this is actually Jen is a prior life, or maybe on the weekends?

Great work! Bravo!

I hope to see more monsters. The people who have contributed thus far have enjoyed the activity, so if you need a boost to your day, take a bit to scratch out a creature!

Friday, February 6, 2009

The Tune-iest thing I saw today! Monster Challenge!

Here is my monster, Szwink:

Szwink devours the particles of joyful sounds that travel through the air with her tentacles. These particles are invisible to the human eye, but sometimes a laughing human will snort when a clump of these particles are escaping the body. Her favorite activity is sneaking into slumber parties, sledding hills, and playgrounds to observe and absorb. Sometimes she will sing out to amplify the sound. Laughter breeds laughter, right? She is small by monster standards, she can easily hide under end tables and park benches without hunching down.

The Overextend-iest thing I saw today: Monster Challenge Submission #1!

Meet Work by Eric G.:

The artist reports:
My monster is work. All I can say is that this is a literal depiction of the scene in my office right now. The geniuses in upper management decided to lay off some of my coworkers while we are in the midst of the hugest project we've ever been involved in, and now it's down to just me and a couple other tattered individuals to shoulder the workload.

Eric G., I wish this multi-tasking monster could actually come and help you out at work. I hope you had a few fun minutes in your day creating this work of art. I really love the detail and the colors.

Thank you for your submission! Hooray for Eric G! Here's hoping his workload lightens.

Anyone else??

Thursday, February 5, 2009

The CHALLENGE-iest thing I saw today!

In the past I have posted some drawings from Monster Attack, the drawings of the son of the artist behind American Elf, my favorite daily webcomic.

Today this drawing and the story behind it made something burst in me, like a pin to a balloon:

This drawing is genius, simple, full of fun and imagination.

Also, this drawing also lacks boundaries of reality and the limitations of studied talent and time. This drawing is not grown up.

This piece made me realize that I have been too grown up. Not only have I been slacking on my drawing blog, but have been wrapping myself up in responsibility and worry. I have turned down my imagination and free spirit.

I am sadly willing to bet that some of you have too.

So, I am posing a challenge to myself and you, and your partners and your friends and you colleagues and your children, or whomever you feel like it sharing the challenge.

I hereby challenge you to create your own monster and send it in to me to post here, or just show someone you would like to see smile.

You can draw a picture and some background information like Eli has above, you could play in photoshop, make a collage, doodle on a post-it or what have you.

Do you dare to think outside the grown up box with me? To toss away worries of judgment or financial gain?

We know you can!

I wanted to make it a contest, but I did not want people to stress about bigger, better, best......but I still have a grand prize in mind if enough people want there to be a public vote......

What do you think?

Take a deep breath, let yourself go!

****Functional details, if you do not already know my email, or know me on facebook, you could post a link from in the comments, or we can figure something out!

Monday, January 12, 2009

The Steamiest thing I saw today!

It is super snowy outside! Whee!

I just took a half outside/half inside route to run an errand, and upon reaching my office building, this is a peek of what I saw:

A heated sidewalk getting things done- sizzling up those snowflakes!

Everything else was newly white and powdery. I felt a little sad for that slab of concrete, though I enjoyed the contrast.