Tuesday, December 11, 2007

The Legally parked-iest thing I saw today!

I apologize for my absence, I have been too wrapped up in work and school and my rock and roll lifestyle! Shame on me!

So as you know, economic times are hard and people are doing what they can to get by. In the alley behind my home we see people picking through the garbage and recycling everyday, looking for some metal treasures to trade in for money. There are all levels of scrap metal hunters, from people with a pick-up truck full of goodies to little old ladies with a little old lady grocery cart full of cans.

On my way in to work yesterday, I saw that one of these treasure hunters must of had an appointment downtown:
I wish I has been walking to see if their meter needed to be fed, I would have hooked them up.


sarah said...

i love it! people are so amazing. speaking of amazing folks. i was at lunds last night with bright suit/metal briefcase/now trenchcoat man! i tried to get in the same line as him so i could check out what his favorite foods are. my guess is pizza rolls.

B said...

LOL that's kind of funny. I hope nothing happened to the person who owned the cart.

I'm so excited you're posting again! :) I've been on hiatus too, though.

Citizen said...

Very industrious -- and responsible. I would have fed their meter, too.

Missy said...

Pizza rolls! I agree.

I actually saw him today waiting for the bus. Today his shirt and his suit were the SAME color- maroon!

Vikki said...

Glad you're back!

Mimi said...

I think we've all been absent a bit!

LOL on the parking trolley!

I see things all the time and think of you --

A lady driving the short bus while talking on a cell phone (thankfully the bus was empty) -- a man at a stop sign playing the drums on his steering wheel -- sticks and all... Odd things really...